Our Donors

Many thanks to these amazing contributors who are keeping SLO REP strong, and our infrastructure in place during our challenging 2020-2021 Season. (For a list of the donors who contributed specifically to “The Intermission Show”, please click HERE.)

Individual, Foundation & Business Donors


The MOCA Foundation, Mary L. Bianco
The Bostrom Family
Dianne N. Long
Catherine & Richard Luckett
The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County
Pam & Mitch Nichter
Linda & Roy Rawlings
Ann Robinson
Beverly Tracy

Executive Producers

Sharynn & Jerry Chirpich
Diane Dekker Clausen
Carol Kiessig
Karen S. Kolba, MD
Jamba Juice, Linda Ozawa Olds & Jeff Olds
Barbara-Jo Osborne
George & Jane Roach
Michael & Maryellen Simkins
In Honor of Rich & Alaine Steuk by Judy Stark
Marty Claus & Chip Visci


Chris & Seth Blackburn
Carol & Ray Boche
Diane Borad-Mirken
Thomas & Bethann Dowlan
Deborah Adams & Michael Howard
Jo Jackson
Gina Kirk
Bette Kulp
Thomas Lewis
John & Marcia Lindvall Fund
Jeanne & Lawrence Lovelace
Susan Minker
Valerie Pallai
Marcia Scott
Joan & David Van
Ellie & Jermaine Washington


Jay Campbell
Shelagh Garren & Alan Pietsch
Victoria Grostick
Kerry Ann Mayling
Kevin Casey & Mike Mesker
Greg & Zandi Peters
Erika & Anthony Schuetze
Tom & Linda Steurmer
Kittie Vicars
Debra & Bob Wacker
Christine & Bob Williams


Libbie Agran
Kenneth & Marie Allen
Dori Duke
Laurie Elliott
The Fidopiastis Family
Daniel Freeman
Jeanie & Andy Greensfelder
Cheryl Hertan
Jules & Brenda Hock
Cynthia & David Hock
Carl Nelson & Denise Larsen
Amy Hart & Stephen Lloyd-Moffett
June Minikel
Brian & Michelle Newman
In Memory of Francie Deitchman by Jackie Parker
Cathy & Steve Pepe
The Raftery Family
Susan Schuetze
Lynn Shaw
Theresa Theiler
Cindy Green & John Thomas
Craig & Susan Updegrove
The Wethington Family
Stacy Willis
Ken Woodruff & Bette Bardeen
Rosh Wright

Stage Managers

Marcia Alter
Bob & Charlene Baker
Jody Barker
The Barrett Family
R. David Bowlus & Beverly Boyd
Billy Breed
Jody Hovland & Ron Clark
Christian Clarno
Linda Dutart
Judy Hemenway & Jonathan Fellows
Joel Gross
Marvin Gross
Karen A. Jackson
Mary Kleeman
Michelle Lea
Janet & David McLaughlin
Sharon & Jerry Melson
In memory of teacher extraordinaire, Francie Deitchman by Laura Mullen
Nancy Ochs
Don & Ricki Pace
Robert & Rayena Pavlik
Naya & Kaz Pearson
Susan Piel
Barbara Rose
Karen Russell
Jeanine Scaramozzino
In Memory of Ron Burkhart by Tierra Adorada District, GFWC Cal. Fed. of Women’s Clubs
Matt Smith
Leann Standish & Johnny Chavez
Bettina Swigger
Danna & Tom Weidner
Marion & Paul Wolff
Bonnie Young


In Memory of Betty Lou Alvarado by Nancy Alvarado Blauer
Judith Amber
The Dahmen Family
Katy Dore
Sylvia & Howard Drucker
Kelly Keiler & Gene Franco
The Hath Family
Daniel & Marcia Hawthorne
Jacqueline Heimel
Kelly Hilding
MJ Johnson
In Memory of Francie Deitchman by Sharon Juhnke
Debbie Lagomarsino
Mike Milanesi
Lauren Moore
In Honor of Suzy Newman’s Birthday by Carolyn Peters
In Memory of Francie Deitchman by Robin Rader
Judith Resnick
Marek Sapieyevski
Yvonne Ramos
Tim, Margo & Laura Smith
Jacqueline Hildebrand & Erik Stein
Judith Stern
Erik Howell & Don Stewart
Molly Stoddard
Patty & David Thayer
Rosemary Wilvert
Wesley Young


The sustaining donors listed below have each made cumulative cash gifts totaling more than $25,000 since 2008. We are so grateful for their continuing support.

Libbie Agran
The Moca Foundation, Mary L. Bianco
The Bostrom Family
Diane Blakeslee Brocato
Sharynn & Jerry Chirpich
City of San Luis Obispo
Diane Dekker Clausen
The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County
Kathy Coull
Kate Hines & Bryce Engstrom
Phyllis & Robert Frank
The Hind Foundation
The Hughes Charitable Foundation
Laura Hopkins
Carol Kiessig
Gina Kirk
Bette Kulp
Dianne N. Long
Catherine & Richard Luckett
Susan Minker
Pam & Mitch Nichter
Linda & Roy Rawlings
Jane & George Roach
Ann Robinson
Michael & Maryellen Simkins
Deborah & Robert Stewart
Marty Claus & Chip Visci

Special Remembrances

In Loving Memory of Francie Deitchman
Sharon Juhnke
Denise Larsen
Laura Mullen
Jackie Parker
Robin Rader

In Loving Memory of Patt & Dan Barron
Shelagh Garren & Alan Pietsch

In Honor of Suzy Newman’s Birthday
Carolyn Peters

In Honor of Lorene Cabrera’s Birthday
Carol Kiessig

In Honor of First Responders
Carol Kiessig

In Honor of Michael & Maryellen Simkins’ Birthdays
Catherine & Richard Luckett

In Honor of Jacquie Hinds’ Birthday
Catherine & Richard Luckett

In Honor of Julie & Brenda Hock’s Birthdays
Catherine & Richard Luckett

In Honor of Patty Thayer’s Birthday
Tom & Bethanne Dowlan
Catherine & Richard Luckett

All donations listed have been pledged or received as of November 4, 2020. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you have any questions about your listing, please contact Patty Thayer.

Make a Donation

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, or for any other questions, please contact:

Patty Thayer
Communications and Development Director
(805) 781–3889 x15
PO Box 122
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406