Rehearsal Calendar
  • Auditions by appointment October 2 (4-7:30pm) OR October 4 (4-7:30pm)
  • Callbacks on the morning of October 7th, .
  • Contact ACT for an audition appointment: (805) 781-3889 ext. 14 or
  • Roles available for boys and girls ages 9-18. All roles are open. Please see below for a complete list of available roles and their descriptions.
  • Bring memorized a short monologue (around 30-60 seconds). It is recommended that monologues are in a similar style to A Little Princess (e.g. not incredibly contemporary), and that your character is speaking to another character.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes
  • Please Bring: a photo of yourself, a list of your relative experience (previous shows, classes taken, etc.), and a list of your conflicts between October and January.
  • Rehearsals: October 15-January 11; 3-4 afternoon/evenings per week. Some rehearsal conflicts can be accommodated, especially around the holidays. Please see the rehearsal calendar for more details. Please note that actors will NOT be called to every listed rehearsal.
  • Production Dates: January 12-28, 2018
  • Tuition: $400. Scholarships and Payment Plans available!

Adapted by June Walker Rogers from “Sara Crewe” by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Young Sara Crewe would rather stay with her dear father in India than leave for Miss Minchin’s boarding school in grim, bustling London, but her father insists she receive an English education. Using her books and her imagination, she is able to quickly win friends and make the best of things. But when her fate takes a disastrous turn, will her vibrant inner life be enough to sustain her through tragedy and hardship? In this heartfelt, faithful adaptation of the beloved novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, one girl’s goodwill and courage show what being a princess truly means.


SARA CREW – Wealthy 10 year-old British girl who was raised by her father in India.  A bright, well-educated, kind, generous, courageous child who uses story-telling to get herself and her friends through difficult times.

MISS MINCHIN – A middle-aged woman who runs the girls’ school and boarding house in London where Sara is sent to live.  Minchin is humorless, greedy and mean-spirited and challenged by Sara’s forthright nature.

AMELIA – Miss Minchin’s high-strung sister.  Amelia is part of the comic relief in the story.  She is kind in nature, but totally overwhelmed by the girls and over-powered by her sister.

BECKYA poor little scullery maid who idolizes Sara and helps her when Sara loses everything. Sweet, humble, hard-working, hungry.

ERMENGARDE – A nervous, yet friendly girl about Sara’s age, who is not very bright and has great admiration for Sara’s abilities with her lessons.  Ermengarde deals with her insecurities by constantly eating.

LOTTIE – A younger, spoiled, rich little girl who acts like a brat because she has lost her mother.  Sara takes her under her wing and they become like family.

LAVINIA – Another student at the school who is a bit older than Sara. Lavinia immediately hates Sara because she threatens her Queen Bee status. She’s spiteful and jealous of Sara’s nice clothes and wealth.  She holds power over the other girls with her meanness.

JESSIE – Lavinia’s friend who follows her lead in everything just so she can feel like she is special.

MADAME THIBAULT – The French teacher who is impressed with Sara and disapproves of Miss Minchin’s cruel behavior.

MARIE – Sara’s French maid.  Playful and friendly.

MISS BARROWS – Captain Crew’s solicitor who tells Miss Minchin that Sara’s father is dead and Sara is left penniless.

MRS. PERRINS – A compassionate street vendor.

MRS. CARRISFORD – Captain Crew’s wealthy elderly friend who is searching for Sara and ends up adopting her.  Kind, worried, remorseful.

LASCAR – Mrs. Carrisford’s Indian butler.  Gentle, kind, supportive.

MICHAELS – Mrs Carrisford’s solicitor who is helping with search for Sara. A father of three children. Loving, sincere.

JANET MICHAELS – Mr. Michael’s oldest daughter.  Well educated, generous.

NORA – Mr. Michael’s middle daughter.  Well educated, generous.

GUY LAWRENCEMr. Michael’s youngest son.  Well- behaved, inquisitive, generous.

ANNE – Little street beggar whom Sara helps.



Thank you to everyone who came out for general auditions! We will be in touch as the casting process moves forward. There are many variables to be considered when casting a show, so we appreciate your patience in the process.

General Audition Information

Thank you for your interest in being in one of our shows! We want this to be the best possible experience for everyone, so we have a few things we’d like to familiarize you with prior to the audition process. At SLO REP, being part of a show is a commitment – to the theatre and to your fellow cast members. Therefore, we expect the following commitment from our cast members:


We ask that you consider that theatre is a time-intensive commitment, requiring that you prioritize your schedule accordingly, placing rehearsals at the top of your list. Please do not audition if you do not plan to accept a role if offered to you. If you are planning to audition for another show which might interfere with your commitment to the one at SLO REP or if you have known conflicts for rehearsal or performance dates, you must notify the theatre of these conflicts at the audition. Part of what the theatre relies on is your commitment, your word, that you will fulfill your obligation, once you are cast. Without that assurance the theatre cannot continue to operate. Preliminary rehearsal schedules for all productions will be listed with audition notices.


You must be able to bring a sense of focus and concentration to rehearsals and performances, leave your everyday concerns and personal issues outside the theatre doors, and be willing to fully engage in the play-building process. We need your imagination, creativity, and inspiration, but no negative energy, which only diminishes a creative atmosphere. If you consistently bring negative energy into the rehearsal room, you will be replaced.


If you have any questions about auditions or audition policies, please email Kevin Harris.