There are no auditions scheduled at this time. Please check back with us for updates on our next General Auditions, date TBA in the spring of 2018.

General Audition Information

Thank you for your interest in being in one of our shows! We want this to be the best possible experience for everyone, so we have a few things we’d like to familiarize you with prior to the audition process. At SLO REP, being part of a show is a commitment – to the theatre and to your fellow cast members. Therefore, we expect the following commitment from our cast members:


We ask that you consider that theatre is a time-intensive commitment, requiring that you prioritize your schedule accordingly, placing rehearsals at the top of your list. Please do not audition if you do not plan to accept a role if offered to you. If you are planning to audition for another show which might interfere with your commitment to the one at SLO REP or if you have known conflicts for rehearsal or performance dates, you must notify the theatre of these conflicts at the audition. Part of what the theatre relies on is your commitment, your word, that you will fulfill your obligation, once you are cast. Without that assurance the theatre cannot continue to operate. Preliminary rehearsal schedules for all productions will be listed with audition notices.


You must be able to bring a sense of focus and concentration to rehearsals and performances, leave your everyday concerns and personal issues outside the theatre doors, and be willing to fully engage in the play-building process. We need your imagination, creativity, and inspiration, but no negative energy, which only diminishes a creative atmosphere. If you consistently bring negative energy into the rehearsal room, you will be replaced.


If you have any questions about auditions or audition policies, please email Kevin Harris.