Support SLO REP at City Council

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we extend our profound gratitude to you for your ongoing support of San Luis Obispo Repertory Theatre and our plans to build a new home for SLO REP in the downtown cultural district. We are still in the “quiet” or “leadership” phase* of our fundraising campaign, but even so there are ongoing meetings and approvals for the project taking place with the City of San Luis Obispo.

To date, we have gone before the Architectural Review Committee and the Cultural Heritage Committee and most recently, our plans were reviewed and APPROVED by the City of San Luis Obispo Planning Commission on October 23rd! Now, we move on to the City Council. The original date for the meeting was November 5th, but that has been changed to November 12th as follows: 

  • Tuesday, November 12 – 6:30 p.m. at Council Chambers, SLO City Hall, 990 Palm Street.
    The City Council’s agenda will consider final approval of both the Palm/Nipomo Parking Structure and the SLO REP Theatre

Because we know you care about SLO REP’s future, we’re asking you to send an email urging the SLO City Council to approve our plans for a new theatre. We also encourage you to attend the meeting in person to show your support of the project. Having the room filled with our friends and supporters will make a big statement!

Suggested content for your email is listed below. Your personal beliefs, experiences and opinions are equally valuable; please include them!

Talking Points

The following are some important talking points in support of SLO REP’s new theatre building. Using one or two – in your own words – is sufficient. The important underlying message, however, is to very clearly ask the members of the Planning Commission and City Council to approve the plans for the theatre.

  • SLO REP is a cultural asset. SLO REP is the only non-profit professional theatre in San Luis Obispo County, presenting plays and classes year round. SLO REP has outgrown its current home, the former library on Morro Street and between the main stage and the black box theatre in the new building, nearly three times as many people will be able to enjoy live theatre on a given evening. SLO REP strengthens the cultural vitality of Downtown SLO.
  • SLO REP’s new home will make for an even more appealing Downtown. Expanded programming at SLO REP will attract larger numbers of residents and visitors, making them an even greater economic driver for Downtown San Luis Obispo.
  • SLO REP will be able to increase its educational programming. The new building will enable SLO REP to more than double the amount of classes it offers and students it serves. And with the new theatre, SLO REP will finally be able to host student matinees to area schools.
  • SLO REP is a part of our community. Founded as SLO Little Theatre, SLO REP is now in its 73rd consecutive season of producing live theatre, making it one of the region’s oldest arts institutions, and one of the nation’s oldest, continuously operating non-profit theatres, currently running productions 46 weeks of the year. SLO Little Theatre/SLO REP is a meaningful part of our community and of San Luis Obispo’s history.
  • SLO REP has earned this opportunity. Because of the steady improvement in artistic quality over the past decade, SLO REP is one of the region’s best-attended arts organizations, frequently selling out. The artistic improvement has been made possible by a rapidly growing donor base, which has demonstrated a strong willingness to fund construction of a new theatre.

Emailing is Easy!

SLO City Council – November 5th Meeting

Email:  [email protected]
Suggested subject lines: New SLO REP Theatre deserves approval or Please approve SLO REP Theatre project.
Be sure to sign your email and submit no later than noon on November 11th.

Remember… there is no need to spend too much time trying to paraphrase the talking points. The important thing is to urge the Commission and Council members to please approve the project, and to thank them for their consideration.

Thank you again for so generously supporting SLO REP!


*So, what is the “Leadership” or “Quiet” phase of a capital campaign? Nonprofits typically raise 50-70% of their overall goal during this time. Those donations usually come in the form of major donations from individuals and foundations. Capital campaigns are huge endeavors and the leadership phase is responsible for shouldering a large percentage of the fundraising burden. Before a campaign is officially public knowledge, it’s the job of this “quiet” phase to raise the majority of the campaign goal. If you’d like more information about our capital campaign or our plans for a new theatre, please email our Capital Campaign Coordinator Suzy Newman