Volunteer Awards

Though this theatre continues to move forward as SLO REP, we will always honor our long history as San Luis Obispo Little Theatre. This organization is built on the achievements of our past, and we feel that it is not only appropriate, but essential, to continue to celebrate the pioneers of this organization that brought us to this point. Over the past 73 years, thousands and thousands of volunteers have given of their time — and their blood, sweat and tears — to keep this theatre thriving. Of those thousands, we have honored a few who truly went above and beyond the call of duty. Please see below for a list of our honorees throughout the years, and if you happen to see one of these special people – please thank them!

The Claire Gates Lifetime Achievement Award

This annual award is bestowed by the Board Of Directors in recognition of many years of significant contributions to the Theatre.  It is the highest honor and, as such, has been bestowed upon a very select and deserving few. It is named after Claire Gates, the gracious and elegant grande dame of the Little Theatre “back in the early days”. Like Claire, the recipients of this award have clearly demonstrated their contribution, support, guidance, love and dedicated loyalty to and for the San Luis Obispo Little Theatre, now San Luis Obispo Repertory Theatre.

Oma Anderson
Dr. George Dunklee
Daryl Kruse
Jim Chernoff
Claire Gates
Ralph & Joy Hanson
Marge & Roger Castle
Kittie McDougal Drach
Jessie Ray
Marilyn Blake
Wilda Rosene
Jeff Lee
Thelma Anderson
John Battalino
Kristy Wilson
Chrys Barnes
Dottie Thompson
Bill McLaughlin
Elaine Fournier
Donna Jones
Michael Siebrass, 2015
Keith Wetzel, 2016
Shelagh Garren, 2017
Ron Burkhart, 2018
Michael Simkins, 2019

The Jim Chernoff Award

This annual award is bestowed by the Board Of Directors for “outstanding technical contributions.” It is named after Jim Chernoff, otherwise known as “Mr. Technical,” who devoted years and years as well as thousands upon thousands of hours to the continued betterment of the San Luis Obispo Little Theatre, now SLO REP. When the theatre moved to the City Playhouse from the Hilltop Theatre, Jim did all of the technical installations, including the lighting and sound system.

1979-1980-Jim Chernoff
1980-1981-Kathy Lunn
1981-1982-Roberta Wehr
1982-1983-Greg Stephan
1983-1984-Steven DeLuque
1984-1985 -Dave Bacom
1985-1986-John Bartelt
1986-1987-Kathleen McMurray
1987-1988-Susan Brady
1988-1989-Herb Hoffman
1989-1990-Peter Star
1990-1991-Roger Castle
1991-1992-Betsi Risser
1992-1993-Dennis Schneider
1993-1994-Evan Campbell
1994-1995-Carol Zsadanyi
1995-1996-Jeff Lee
1996-1997-John Pearson
1997-1998-Art Van Rhyn
1998-1999-Mary Walker
1999-1900-Donna Jones
2000-2001-Mary Moyers-Lee
2001-2002-Jim Clements
2002-2003-John Battalino
2003-2004-John Grostick
2004-2005-Rebekah Oulton
2005-2006-Dylan Pavelko
2006-2007-Rick Odom
2007-2008-Pat Ward
2009-2010-Shelby & Tayler Trett
2010-2011-Robyn Burns
2011-2012-Ron Tindall
2012-2013-Lisa Langere
2013-2014-Lester Wilson
2014-2015-Pam Hester
2015-2016-Mariah Taylor
2016-2017-Samantha Winchester
2017-2018-Ryan Loyd
2018-2019 Zandi & Greg Peters

The Jessie Ray Spotlight Award

This annual award is bestowed by the Board Of Directors for “overall excellence and outstanding contribution above and beyond the call of duty.” It is named after Jessie Ray, a longtime performer and generous supporter.

1979-1980                 Al Ronyecz
1980-1981                  Jack Wehr
1981-1982                  John Bartelt
1982-1983                  Ed Lunn
1983-1984                 Elaine Fournier
1984-1985                 Jim Nilan
1985-1986                 Ralph Hanson
1986-1987                 Bob Waltz
1987-1988                 Mark McDougal
1988-1989                 Deborah Elliott
1989-1990                 Joy Hanson
1990-1991                  Marge Castle
1991-1992                  Marie Favro Garcia
1992-1993                  Kittie Drach
1993-1994                 Mary Walker
1994-1995                 Wilda Rosene
1995-1996                 Jackie Baker
1996-1997                 Kit Sine
1997-1998                Nathan Varni
1998-1999                Sherry Wright
1999-2000                August Gabriel
2000-2001                Glen Herman
2001-2002                 Dottie Thompson
2002-2003                Dave Linfield
2003-2004                 Rebekah Oulton
2004-2005                Donna Sellars
2005-2006                 Rae Stone
2006-2007                Betsy Kinter
2007-2008                Maryrose Doherty
2009-2010                Mark Plater
2010-2011                 Lisa Woske
2011-2012                  Sharon Woodside & Karen Miles
2012-2013                 The Authier Family
2013-2014                 Ryan Loyd
2014-1205                 Angelina Tharp & Stephanie Allen
2015-2016                  Susan George
2017-2018                  Thomas & Linda Stuermer
2018-2019               The Raftery Family

The President’s Award

This annual award, begun in 1993, is bestowed by the President of the San Luis Obispo Little Theatre/SLO REP Board Of Directors to someone who has been of great help to the President. This award is solely at the discretion of the President of the Board of Directors.

1992-1993                          Kristy Wilson
1993-1994                         Mary Walker
1994-1995                         Peter Keith
1995-1996                         Joy Hanson
1996-1997                         Cindy Clemens
1997-1998                         Marleta Warneke Garner
1998-1999                         Jennifer Blomfield
1999-2000                        Jeff Lee
2000-2001                        Pete Guernsey
2001-2002                         Jackie Baker
2002-2003                        Kim Tulledge
2003-2004                        Susan Mullen
2004-2005                        Marilyn Blake
2006-2007                        Wilda Rosene
2008-2009                        Susan Rodriguez
2009-2010                         Michael Simkins
2010-2011                          Bryce Engstrom
2011-2012                           Jerry Chirpich
2014-2015                          Michael Simkins
2016-2017                          Wilda Rosene
2017-2018                          Marcia Scott
2018-2019                      Matthew Cottle

The Joy & Ralph Hanson Award

This annual award is bestowed by the Board Of Directors for “the person who is always there for the Theatre.” It is named after Joy & Ralph Hanson, who have “always been there” for this theatre, for many, many years.

1996-1997                         Laura McNamara
1997-1998                         Lloyd Walker Family
1998-1999                         Jennifer Eppright
1999-2000                        Joy & Ralph Hanson
2001-2002                          Susan Desmond
2002-2003                         Bill McLaughlin
2003-2004                        Donna Sellars
2004-2005                        Phil DuMelle
2005-2006                        John Grostick
2006-2007                        Gene Goldschmidt
2007-2008                        Yehudit Korn
2008-2009                        Stephen Taylor
2009-2010                         Betty Alvarado
2010-2011                           Charlene Premer
2011-2012                           Michelle Roberson
2013-2014                          Ron & Carol Burkhart
2014-2015                          Arlene Sackman
2015-2016                          Janet Elder-Nichols
2016-2017                          Ron & Annie Malak
2017-2018                         Ann Robinson
2018-2019                     Cathy & Richard Luckett

The John Grostick Rising Star Award

This annual award is bestowed by the Board of Directors to a volunteer in their first year of service to the Theatre who demonstrates outstanding dedication and growth in the theatre. It is named in memory of John Grostick, who consistently went above and beyond the call of duty for the Little Theatre.

2010-2011                           Pam Hester
2011-2012                            Franklin Mognett
2012-2013                           Jo Jackson
2013-2014                          Jamie Foster
2014-2015                          Shaley Gunther
2015-2016                          Greg Peters
2016-2017                          Greg DeMartini
2017-2018                         Ken Woodruff
2018-2019                     Alan Pietsch