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AFTER HOURS returns to SLO with the premiere of WE’RE CANCELING CABLE! [and other empty threats]

Late night comedy is alive and well in downtown SLO and it’s all happening at the Little Theatre! Super soccer moms and dads on the sidelines, uncomfortable conferences in the principal’s office, ridiculous arguments with 12-year-olds and sullen teenagers in the back seat. Sound familiar? Even if your kids are grown, or you’ve never experienced the withering glare of a 14 year old from the back seat, you’re going to love WE’RE CANCELING CABLE! (AND OTHER EMPTY THREATS)!

Written by Michael Kaplan, with original music by Mark Pietri, and directed by Jill Turnbow, WE’RE CANCELING CABLE features original sketches, monologues and songs that perfectly and hilariously capture the experience of being a modern parent. But you know, even if you’re not a parent, grab a drink at the theatre bar and join us anyway – we guarantee this show will leave you laughing! Click HERE to check out a great story by Sarah Linn in the Tribune today and come on down this weekend for live, local, late-night comedy ONLY at the Little Theatre!

WE’RE CANCELING CABLE (AND OTHER EMPTY THREATS) runs January 16-25, Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30 pm and Sundays at 7 pm. Click HERE for more information and tickets. (This show is not exactly appropriate for children. But why would you bring them? This is your time.

“If you’re looking for a little more magic in your life, The Secret Garden is the play for you.” – NEW TIMES

Yes! You can still catch THE SECRET GARDEN here at the Little Theatre for the next two weekends and the NEW TIMES highly recommends that you do! Check out the entire review by Adriana Catanzarite HERE and find out why you should bring the whole family to this delightful Academy of Creative Theatre production.

The Secret Garden runs January 16-25, Fridays and Saturdays at 7 pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 2 pm. Find out more and get your tickets to this heartwarming show right HERE.

I couldn’t sign off today without mentioning this show. As you know, I’m lucky enough to work upstairs here at the theatre, which means that sometimes I get to see and hear some pretty cool stuff. For the past two weeks, I have heard tap-dancing! And singing! And FUN! This morning I was repeatedly treated to the sounds of Don Lockwood (Jeff Salsbury), Cosmo Brown (Zach Johnson) and Kathy Selden (Kerry DiMaggio) singing and dancing one of my favorites from this classic MGM musical: GOOD MORNING!  What a treat!

Yep, I’m a lucky girl. But never fear, next month YOU can enjoy this fabulous musical too! Click HERE for more information and to take a sneak peek at the entire cast list and click HERE to get your tickets before they’re all gone!

Have a great weekend, everyone!