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ANNE OF AVONLEA has a cast, MY GENERATION rides again, and 888 Morro Street echoes with the sound of SINATRA. This week at the Little Theatre!

afternoon friends of the Little Theatre!
The House of Blue Leaves finished up the second
weekend of its four weekend run on Sunday. Audience response is great and
tickets sales are very strong for a play as difficult and unique as this one.
In case you missed Joan Crowder’s review of Blue
it is. Congratulations to director Jill Turnbow and the entire cast/crew.
for My Way are in full swing.
Choreographer Zach Johnson begins his work on the dances this evening while
musical director Stephen Tosh puts the final touches on all 58 songs later this
week. Click HERE to
find out about the show. Tickets for My
are now available. Click HERE
to purchase tickets.
for Anne of Avonlea were this weekend
the turnout was spectacular. Shelagh and Kerry ran some of the smoothest
callbacks I have ever seen (especially when you consider the participants are 30+
children.) In the end, 24 wonderful young actors were cast in the production,
which opens on August 3, 2012.
Saturday afternoon several cast members from My Generation came together to perform 10 songs for the winner of
the My Generation raffle. The event
was a great success. Thank you to Stephen and Barbara Tosh, Kerry DiMaggio, Ali
Peters, Seth Blackburn, Redzuan Abdul Rahim, Michelle Hanson, Kelly
Fidopiastis, and Travis Nefores for giving up your time and talents to make
this event possible. It was great to see everyone again.
Have a great Monday everyone!