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Another look back, Adam Blaze talks improv, and Del Close lives on through a bunch of lovable idiots.

Happy, happy Tuesday friends of the Little Theatre,

As we’re putting together our 2012-2013 season (our 66th!) I find myself rummaging through old folders and reminiscing about some of the wonderful productions we’ve produced in the last few years. Here are some great memories from 888 Morro Street:

The Clean House, directed by Adrian Balbontin



How to Succeed in Business…directed by Natalia Berryman


Intimate Apparel, directed by Anet Carlin
Anyone out there interested in improv? If so, check out Will Hines new series where he interviews some of the best improv artists working today. In THIS article, he talks with Adam Blaze (head writer for SNL’s Weekend Update) about his improv history, his obsession will Del Close, and his early career with Adam McKay (writer/director of Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and the co-founder of the comedy website Funny or Die.)
Another group of funny people, currently in residence at Improv Olympics (West), has launched their own comedy website, Burgess TV. The website is named after Bryan Burgess, an Iowa alum who was one of the most unpredictable, brilliant comedy performers I ever met. Bryan died in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. You can read his obituary from Bitter Lemons HERE.
Bryan’s spirit and chronic irreverence lives on with Burgess TV. They recently released a short titled Rambo which some of you saw through a facebook link. HERE is the link to part 2 of Rambo. (NSFW—the film has some language in it— but, very, very funny. If you haven’t seen part 1 of Rambo, please start HERE.) You may also recognize Ken Peterson in the short- Ken came up to the Little Theatre last November to teach improv workshops.
If you’re interested in the Little Theatre hosting more improv workshops, please email me at [email protected].
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!