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Another SOLD OUT weekend, the WATERGATE tapes are released today, and don’t miss the encore performance of PHOTOGRAPH 51! This week at the Little Theatre!

Good afternoon friends of the Little Theatre!

Did you already buy your tickets to It’s a Wonderful Life? If not, we’ve been completely SOLD OUT for over a week. However, we can generally accommodate 5-6 patrons each performance through our wait list. To check out our wait list procedures, click HERE. Don’t make the same mistake with our upcoming fundraising musical:


The first readthrough is happening tonight at the theatre! We can’t wait to begin to bring this original musical to life on our stage. To see the teaser trailer for the musical, click HERE. To get your ticket TODAY, click HERE.
Don’t miss our encore presentations of Photograph 51– playing for two night only: December 18 and 19 at 7:00 PM. Don’t miss your chance to see
this intelligent, interesting, well-written play “based on a true
story” as they say in movie and TV ads. Those who saw it when we presented
it in November will tell you that it is an hour and a half well-spent! You will
laugh, maybe even cry, and you might learn a little more about “the secret
of life”. To learn more about the show and to order tickets, click HERE.


week I will publish the newest members of the Little Theatre. Our organization
depends on the generosity of these individuals/businesses to survive. If you
know anyone on the list below, please be sure to let them know that
you appreciate what they are doing for our theatre. A little thanks goes
a long way!
Susan Aalto     $50.00
Rick and Karen Bull     $100.00
Ann and Richard Greene     $125.00
John Thomas     $50.00
Vivian Walker     $25.00
Allen Williams     $100.00
Thank you for everything that you do to support our organization! Have a great week everyone!