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Another weekend of INDEPENDENCE and NO SHAME takes a break till November!

“Evelyn’s not crazy exactly, but she can 
certainly see it from where she’s standing.” 
~Anna Weltner in New Times

That pretty much sums up the central character of Lee Blessing’s insightful drama, INDEPENDENCE, now playing at the Little Theatre. Brilliantly portrayed by actress Jill Turnbow, Evelyn is the needy and demanding mother of three lovely daughters, Kess (Makayla Dubois), Jo (Alicia Klein) and Sherry (Clara Jane Fulks) who ” find themselves bringing out the worst in one another, the way only families can.”

Seriously folks, this one’s the real deal. A skillfully written drama with heart, soul, humor and “a dash of crazy,” this is an incredible show, and you  might just catch a glimpse of yourself onstage. We’re all a little crazy, aren’t we? Directed by Suzy Newman and beautifully acted by a great cast, you certainly won’t soon forget Evelyn, her family, or this play.

We invite you to read the complete New Times review of the show HERE and catch the social buzz about the show on our facebook page HERE.  And of course, you can read more about the play and get your tickets HERE. Do it today and join us this weekend for real, live, theatre in downtown San Luis Obispo.

By the way, this production has been sponsored by some awesome people. Thanks to Tom Stollmeyer at Peak Electric and to a lovely, anonymous theatre-lover who had this to say about INDEPENDENCE: “Wow! A must see. Congrats to all, a truly great production.”



Speaking of sponsors and generous people, I’d like to take a minute to thank ALL of our amazing Little Theatre members. This place would NOT exist without your support. Ticket sales alone just won’t do it. Your donations keep your Little Theatre performing LIVE, LOCAL, THEATRE on 44 out of 52 weekends every year. You can view a list of all of our very special donors HERE and, just for fun, you can also view our season lobby video HERE. Thanks to Ryan Loyd of Rylo Media Design for putting together a video that not only recognizes our supporters but also gives a great overview of our entire season.

Did you know that you too can become a member of the Little Theatre? For more information and to make your tax-deductible donation today, click HERE. Thank you for playing your part in making live theatre a thriving presence in San Luis Obispo for over 67 years.


That’s right. There’s no NO SHAME this month. Sorry folks! 

We’re taking a break from our monthly Friday night No Shame Theatre in October, partly because of a little lobby construction going on (due to water damage) and partly so we can gear up for a big party next month! On Friday, November 22nd, we’ll be back and we’ll be celebrating three great years of original, late-night theatre in San Luis Obispo. Mark your calendars and we’ll see you then!

And speaking of lobby construction…

The city pipes backed up and we had a bit of a flood last week, so one end of our lobby will be off limits for a while while we dry out and make it beautiful again. Our shiny, new lobby should be completely done in a few weeks. In the meantime, don’t let a little dust scare you away! Come on down this weekend to see INDEPENDENCE. We’ll take care of you while you’re here and you’ll love this show.

Best wishes for a great weekend to all. Hope to see you soon!