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Audiences LOVE WATERGATE! Look at what they have to say!

Good afternoon friends of the Little Theatre,

We’ve finished week 2 of our 6 week run of Watergate (and Other Solid Gold Hits!) and audiences couldn’t be more excited about the show. Check out some reviews of the show from people who saw it last week:
“It was wonderful—-I loved every minute of it!  It is
awesome that we have so many talented performers in our area. I might attend
“It is a privilege and pleasure to attend the Little Theatre
performances. I look forward to the remaining season and plan to renew my
tickets for next year. Thanks to you and the entire company for creating the
quality productions that we can so easily and conveniently attend.”
“Thank you for a wonderful, enjoyable, funny evening. What a
talented cast!  What a great local theatre production.  You could see
the pure joy on each person’s face that they enjoyed performing.”
“Loved WATERGATE!  Great production. The
directing, the set, costumes, casting, acting, dancing, and singing
are superb.  Having live music is always a plus. Thanks for a wonderful
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Have a great week everyone,