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Ubu’s Other Shoe (Readers’ Theatre at San Luis Obispo Little Theatre) is excited to announce auditions for Too Much Memory by Keith Reddin and Meg Gibson, directed by Leticia Velez.
Auditions will be held in the theatre on Monday 3/21 from 6-8PM.
Too Much Memory is a retelling of the classic Greek story of Antigone set firmly in the present. This inventive adaptation straddles a line between the classic Greek tragedy and modern storytelling.

“In Too Much Memory, which won the Overall Excellence Award for Outstanding Play at the 2008 New York International Fringe Festival, Antigone’s actions result in a long public debate with Creon over her right to protest, which offers a chance for the script to bring in echoes of modern day protests. The play… is Sophocles’ Antigone, transported from 5th century B.C. to the present day. The brothers of Ismene and Antigone died fighting in a civil war, and the new leader, Creon, declared that one should be honored while the other, Polynices, should be disgraced with the harshest punishment of the time, to lie unburied as carrion prey.” (Utah)


All Parts are Open for Casting
Auditions will consist of readings from the script (A copy of the script will be available for your perusal at the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor of the Main Library in SLO.)
Please Note: The script contains strong language and adult content

Chorus (Non-Gender or Age Specific)
Antigone (Female Protagonist 20-30’s)
Ismene (Her Sister, Female 20’s)
Haemon (Antigone’s Lover, Male 20-40’s)
Creon (Male Ruler, 40+)
Eurydice (Creon’s Wife, Female 40+)
Male Soldiers (3 Men, Possibly 1 Woman, Open Age Range)

Questions? Please email Michael Siebrass at [email protected]
Hope to see you there!