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BEST MAN readthrough and SEASON TICKETS. Thursday at the Little Theatre.


Good afternoon
friends of the Little Theatre,
I hope that
everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July. My Way opened
last weekend and audience response was great. Congratulations to the
cast/musicians/crew. My Way plays for 3 more weekends (through Sunday,
July 22.)
Anne of
is about halfway
through is rehearsal process. Get your tickets now by clicking HERE.


Brent Keast is
having an informal read-through of The Best Man on Monday, July 9. If
you’re interested in reading (or just watching) come to the theatre around 6:30
PM on Monday.
Our Open
House/Volunteer Appreciation party is coming up on August 5. Save the date!
We are in the
middle of our annual Season Ticket drive. Word of mouth is one of our most
valuable marketing tools. We would very much appreciate it if you could
encourage your friends and family to support the Little Theatre be becoming a
subscriber. You can order ticket instantly online by clicking HERE.
Thank you for
everything that you do to make this theatre work. As always, please let me know
if there’s anything the Board of staff can do to make your time with us more
enjoyable and rewarding.
Have a great Thursday,