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CHAOS (theory) erupts at the Little Theatre. It’s all Goldblum, all of time!

Welcome to middle of the week actor adoration! My to-do list is really piling up today, so, here are some my favorite clips from everyone’s favorite lanky actor, Jeff Goldblum.

That’s a lot of hair.
Goldblum began his movie career playing a thug in Death Wish, but most audiences learned his name when he played Michael Gold in Lawrence Kasdan’s amazing The Big Chill. Click HERE to see a fan’s tribute to the film and some classic Goldblum-isms.
Too sweet for you? Goldblum teamed up with horror auteur David Cronenberg on The Fly in 1986. Click HERE to see the trailer.
Too gross for you? Check out Goldblum as a hapless BLUE alien. (Bonus points…the other two aliens are played by a very young Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans.) Strangest part about this clip; why can’t Geena Davis keep her robe closed? Why. Click HERE to see what I’m talking about.
Make too much sense for you? Try following this- Goldblum explains the chaos theory in 1993’s Jurassic Park. Click HERE to watch. Then freak out when you realize that this movie will be 20 years old next May.
Still want more? HERE’S a montage of some of the greatest Goldblum moments. Enjoy.
Have a great Wednesday, everyone!