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Congratulations to the cast of HONK JR!

Congratulations to the cast of our upcoming production of

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Academy of Creative Theatre winter show. The cast is as follows:


Keana Alden: Grace, Goose Squadron, Mother Swan, Blizzard
Conner Allen: Turkey, Greylag
Brooke Andris: Downy
Jed Authier: Jay Bird, Barnacles, Farmer, Father Swan
Carissa Carlberg: Fluff, Blizzard Dancer
Ingrid Chen: Froglet
Spencer Doyle: Drake, Bullfrog
Emma Jane Haas: Maureen, Goose Squadron, Blizzard Soloist
Sophie Kardel: Henrietta, Goose Squadron
Lunabella Levin: Froglet
Mya Paredes: Ida
Zoe Peach-Riley: Farmyard Bird, Penny
Mia Ritter: Billy
Ernesto Roide: Farmyard Bird, Camera Crew, Pinkfoot
Lauren Rudd: Farmyard Bird, Snowy, Blizzard Dancer
Cali Singleton: The Cat
Elizabeth Tharp: Beaky
Allison Warren: Farmyard Bird, Dot, Blizzard Soloist
Trevyn Wong: Ugly
Honk Jr! opens in January and you can get your ticket by clicking HERE.
To find out more about our Academy of Creative Theatre at the Little Theatre click HERE.
Find ACT on Facebook by clicking HERE.
Have a great Wednesday, everyone!