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Crunch time at the Little Theatre! Don’t miss a moment!

Good afternoon friends of the Little Theatre,

Honk JR! finished up its three week run yesterday. The production was an complete artistic and financial success, exceeding all net budget goals. Congratulations to Shelagh Garren, Kerry DiMaggio, and the entire cast and crew of this wonderful musical. We’ll miss hearing the pitter patter of duck feet at 888 Morro Street!

We’re looking for a handful of enchanting men and women to collaborate with guest director Teresa Thuman on our upcoming production of Enchanted April. Auditions are coming up this weekend. You can get all of the details by clicking HERE.
Watergate (and other SOLID GOLD HITS!) is right around the corner. You won’t want to miss this original musical from the same artistic team who brought you My Generation and This is Rock and Roll: The Alan Freed Story. Check out the teaser trailer HERE. Get your tickets (martini nights are every Saturday evening!) by clicking HERE.
Ubu’s Other Shoe presents Gidion’s Knot this Friday and Saturday, February 1 and 2 at 7:00 PM. The Little Theatre is proud to have been granted the rights to produce the west coast premiere of Ms. Adam’s riveting drama. Ubu’s Other Shoes presents plays you can’t see for 100 miles in any direction. Don’t miss this  powerful theatrical experience. Get your tickets by clicking HERE.
Have a great week, everyone!