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ENCHANTED APRIL has a great tech weekend, THE SOUND OF MUSIC begins staging, and AFTER THE REVOLUTION starts rehearsing. This week at the Little Theatre!

Good morning friends of the Little Theatre,

Enchanted April had a wonderful tech weekend! Thank you to John Battlino (light design), Dave Linfield (scenic design), Pam Hester (stage manager), Sharon Woodside (costume design), Charlene Premer (prop design), Jo Jackson (assistant stage manager), and Teresa Thuman (director) for all of your great work on this beautiful play.

Tech rehearsals are full of flowers and darkness
Enchanted April is going to be a beautiful play- the kind of play “that reminds you why you love theatre!” It opens this Friday and you can get your tickets by clicking HERE.
The Sound of Music begins staging rehearsal tonight at the Little Theatre. After a great meeting two months of meetings with Dave Linfield, director/choreographer Zach Johnson is ready to bring his complicated modular staircase concept to life for his actors. Zach brought Oklahoma! to Little Theatre audiences last year- we can’t wait to see his take on another classic american musical. Get your tickets to The Sound of Music by clicking HERE.
After the Revolution an Ubu’s Other Show staged reading directed by David Hance, plays for two nights only on May 10 and 11 at 7:00 PM. Check out this review of Amy Herzog’s latest play, Belleville by clicking HERE. Read more about After the Revolution by clicking HERE.
Thank you for your support of our organization. Have a great week, everyone!