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Gidion’s Knot opens TONIGHT! Don’t miss this West Coast premiere!

Happy Friday friends of the Little Theatre!
The West Coast premiere of Gidion’s Knot is opening tonight at the Little Theatre! Congratulations to Jill Turnbow, Robin Wolf, and director, Michael Siebrass. Get your ticket instantly online by clicking HERE.
Over the course of a 90-minute parent/teacher conference, a
mother and an emotionally overwhelmed primary school teacher have a fraught
conversation about the mother’s son, Gidion. Gidion may
have been bullied severely — or he may have been an abuser. As his story is
slowly uncovered, the women try to reconstruct a satisfying explanation for
Gidion’s act and come to terms with excruciating feelings of culpability.
Don’t miss this cutting edge drama. ONLY at the Little Theatre!
Have a great opening, Gidion!