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DINNER WITH FRIENDS, Peter Pan mishaps, and a Los Angeles Theatre Feud reaches a new level of snark- theatre news from Kevin

Good morning Board, staff, and Artistic teams of the Little
Congratulations to the cast and crew of Dollhouse, which played to very good houses on Friday and Saturday
evening. Thank you to Elaine Fournier for her direction of the production and
for leading the talkbacks post-performance. Want to learn more about how
playwrights have interpreted Ibsen’s masterpiece over the last years? CLICK HERE to
read a fantastic history of NORAS and TORVLADS in an article entitled 50 Ways to Leave your Torvald.
Dinner with
completed its cue-to-cue and transition tech on Saturday and is
in a great place. The New Times is
coming the rehearsal on Tuesday night in order to write a preview article on
our production of the Pulitzer Prize-Winning script. We had a great photo/video
shoot last Thursday.


Bob Peterson,  Maya Addison, Maggie Coons, and Daniel Freeman
Thank you to the cast/crew for making the tech experience so painless
this weekend. Click HERE
to see some people that probably should have scheduled a few more hours of
tech. Dinner with Friends opens on
Friday, April 13. You can get tickets by clicking HERE.
Auditions for BOOM!,
directed by Brent Keast, are coming up on April 16 (callbacks on the 17th.)
To learn more about the play (and read the first 20 pages) please click HERE. BOOM! Plays for two nights only: May 11 and 12 at 7:00 PM. Brent
would like all actors to read from the script during auditions. “Cold Readings”
often frighten actors- like anything else, practice makes the experience much
easier. Click HERE
for some great tips on Cold Reading during auditions. To see, perhaps, the most
famous bad audition of all time, please click HERE. Don’t do what he
does. Don’t do it.
LASTLY: those of you familiar with the inner workings Los Angeles theatre scene may have heard about the recent ker-fuffle between the Edgemar Center for the Arts and Los Angeles Theatre Critic, Jason Rohrer. It began with THIS REVIEW (warning…contains language.) The director, Tanna Frederick made the poor choice of responding to Jason in the comments section. Then came THIS REVIEW, which resulted in another poor, poor choice: Jason being EFFECTIVELY BANNED from the premises. Then, Jason counters with THIS.
Let me be clear…I’m not arguing that Mr. Rohrer is justified in his actions. All I’m saying is: never, NEVER, EVER respond in writing to a critic. NEVER do it. The artist will never “win”, and will, undoubtedly, end up looking petty and foolish, no matter how well-crafted and justified the reponse might be. DON’T. DO. IT.


Thanks- have a great week, everyone,