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The GUTHRIE has no shortage of white men, RICHARD FOREMAN will blow your mind, and Jonathon Pryce’s eyes looks different….


Happy Monday Friends of the Little Theatre!
Dinner with Friends enjoyed another wonderful weekend
of performance to near sold-out crowds. Have you seen the show yet? Get your
ticket by clicking HERE. The
production plays for 2 more weekend and then will be gone!
BOOM!, directed by Brent Keast (and assistant directed by Blake
Williams) had a great first read-through and continues with rehearsals this
week. To find out more about this play, click HERE. To get
your tickets, click HERE. To find
out more about Peter Sinn Nachtrieb’s latest play, Bob, click HERE.
Be sure to check back this week for exciting audition
announcements and sneak peeks of what’s coming up in our 2012-2013 season!
THEATRE DIVERSITY ALERT! Once again, a large regional theatre
has been thwacked for choosing a season completely devoid of diversity. This
question is always pops up when choosing seasons (to what extent are theatre
companies responsible for choosing seasons which reflect the diversity
of their potential audience/community.) This issue becomes a lot more
complicated when you’re choosing a season for THE GUTHRIE, one of the largest and most
visible regional theatres in the country. Check out the controversy HERE.
This reminds me of another FAMOUS THEATRE
involving Equity, Jonathon Pryce, and creative make-up in the
original Broadway production of Miss Saigon.
Check out this amazing clip of RICHARD FOREMAN’S work. No
one ever accuses him of not promoting diversity. Mostly because no one can
figure out exactly what they’re looking at. It’s okay: as he admits in this
interview, he’s not exactly sure, either.
 Happy Monday, everyone!