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Incorruptible and the Real Sainte Foy

In INCORRUPTIBLE one of the major “characters” in the play is Sainte Foy, pictured above. That’s right, the bones of Sainte Foy are an important plot point (if not a living, breathing person) in this hilarious comedy now playing at the Little Theatre.
But did you know there was a real Ste. Foy? 

In the early days of Christianity, there was a wide trade in relics, “incorruptible” bodies or skeletal bits and pieces of dead martyrs and saints. They were enshrined by towns and churches and purchased by well-to-do individuals. Michael Hollinger (the playwright) actually took his inspiration for the play from an actual feud between two rival French monasteries. A monk from Conques stole the bones of Ste. Foy from a church in Agen in the 9th century.


9th century reliquary of Ste. Foy

Sainte Foy, also known as Fides or Faith, was a 12-year-old girl of Gaul (now France) who was beheaded by the Romans in 303 A.D. for refusing to renounce her faith. Today (thanks to an enterprising monk in the 9th century!) her relics are kept at the Abbey Church of Sainte-Foye in Conques, France.

In the play, payment is demanded from a woman (Rosh Wright) who comes to pray to the relics of Ste. Foy and of course, much comedy ensues. But legends portray the real Ste. Foy as a patron who could turn against those who only gave small donations to her church at Conques. Really. She also has an interesting sense of humor. You can read more about Ste. Foy HERE (look under “Legends.”)

So, when you come to see INCORRUPTIBLE this weekend (and I really hope you will!) you now know the story behind the story. And even though this delightful farce of a play will leave you smiling, there’s a little bit of truth in it as well. There always is in the best of theatre.

Directed by Jill Turnbow
Friday, September 27 at 7pm
Saturday, September 28 at 2 pm and 7 pm
Sunday, September 29 at 2 pm
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