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INDEPENDENCE is here. This play, and these performances, are the real deal.

I saw a dress rehearsal for INDEPENDENCE by Lee Blessing last night and it really got to me. I called my Mom today. Not because she’s anything like Evelyn Briggs, the Mom in Independence. Trust me. She’s not. AT ALL. But she’s my Mom and I love her. You’ll see what I mean when you see the show. Family is family. And this family of women is at once funny, sad, loving, angry, desperate, confused…well, you’ll see when you see the show.
What an amazing cast, led by a great director, Suzy Newman, most recently seen onstage in Always, Patsy Cline at PCPA and last seen at the Little Theatre in WatergateMikayla Dubois is the oldest daughter Kess, it’s her first show at the Little Theatre, but hopefully not her last. Alicia Klein is the middle child, Jo. You’ll remember her from Enchanted April and, if you squint a little, you might be able to recognize her as the movie star from House of Blue Leaves. Clara Jane Fulks is remarkable as Sherry. Just 17 and this is her third mainstage show at the Little Theatre, not to mention many other great, local roles. And of course, Jill Turnbow is Evelyn, the matriarch of this little family of women. Jill directed Incorruptible and House of Blue Leaves and has appeared onstage in several Little Theatre shows including Taking Leave, Daughters of the Lone Star State and in countless evenings of No Shame Theatre.
If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, I recommend Opening Night on Friday, October 18th.  There’s something about opening night that is like no other night in the run of the show. I mean, sometimes there are a few little glitches, a new prop goes haywire, the paint might be wet, a sound cue goes awry. But the energy and dare I say, the magic, of opening night is palpable. It’s my favorite night in the run. Plus, we get to have a party in the lobby afterwards, food, wine, mingling. We thank our generous sponsors, Tom Stollmeyer of Peak Electric and an Anonymous Theatre-Lover (who may just be revealed on opening night!) along with our amazing director Suzy Newman and our stellar cast. Join us, won’t you?
CLICK HERE for show information and tickets. You’ll be glad you did. This one’s the real deal.
by Lee Blessing
Directed by Suzy Newman
October 18-November 10
Fridays & Saturdays @ 7 pm
Saturdays & Sundays @ 2 pm
(And thanks to Jamie Foster for the great photos!)