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It’s official! ACTORS in THE BEST MAN will be wearing costumes! See them below. The production opens this Friday. Only at the Little Theatre!

The Best Man began tech rehearsals this weekend- thank you the cast/crew and director, Brent Keast, for their great work over the last few months. Check out these great costumes by Sharon Woodside (assisted by Karen Miles) from the costume parade on Sunday.




The Best Man puts you in the front row of one of the
most heated, vicious presidential campaigns ever imagined. William Russell,is a
wit and scholar with high liberal principles. Joseph Cantwell is a ruthless and
hard-driving young man, a dirty fighter who will let no scruples stand in the
way of his ambitions. On the eve of the convention, Cantwell has got hold of
papers indicating that his rival once suffered from a mental breakdown, which
he cannot wait to use in order to destroy his opponent. This Tony award-winning
play set the bar for all political thrillers. Don’t miss it. Get your tickets by clicking HERE.
Directed by Brent Keast
Cast: Daniel Freeman, Janice Peters, Todd Andeli,
Nikki Barnes, Chad Stevens, Brooke Foster, John Carroll, Ed Galena, Elaine
Fournier, Evan Camacho, Jeff Zahn, Johannes Beals, Tom Zirk, and Franklin Mognett.
Have a great Monday, everyone!