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It’s a sneeze-fest, BOOM explodes on our stage, and THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES cruises into the final stretch. This week at the Little Theatre!


Good afternoon friends of the Little Theatre!
It’s May and it’s starting to feel like summer outside. This means
that the Little Theatre is going to heat up during rehearsals and performances.
Please remember to keep all doors to the outside closed when the air
conditioner is on. Also: stay hydrated! It’s the best way to beat the heat and
the most effective way to remain healthy (a plague has made its way through the
halls of the little Theatre over the last two weeks. It seems to have run its
course, but remain cautious!) Or, you can just lots and lots of cheese, like THIS GUY told me to
every Saturday morning in the 70’s.
Congratulations to the cast, crew, and director of Boom!
Brent Keast put together a wonderful Ubu’s Other Show presentation that had the
audience screaming from laughter on Friday night. Thank you to everyone for
making this fantastic production possible and for bringing it to life on our
stage. It was the most fun I’ve had at an apocalyptic story since THIS.
We had our light hang/cueing session for House of Blue Leaves
on Saturday afternoon, and the show is looking great! We’re recording the live
piano music for the transitions on Thursday and should be ready to go into
dress rehearsals next week.
Registration is still open for the Academy of Creative Theatre
Summer Camps. Check out all of the awesome stuff that Kerry is planning HERE.
Auditions have wrapped up for My Way, and we’ll be able to
announce our cast soon. This summer fundraiser will be
choreographed by Zach Jonson (Oklahoma!) and musical directed by Stephen
Tosh (My Generation, Gypsy.) We are planning our first
read-through/rehearsal this weekend.
Thank you for everything that all of you do to make this theatre
work. As always, please let me know if there’s anything the Board or staff can
do for you to make your time with us more rewarding and enjoyable.
Have a great Monday, everyone!