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Jason gets bamboozled by The YES MEN, feels stupid, and wants to punch a dead guy.

A fantastic article by everyone’s favorite curmudgeon/cultural protector/theatre critic, Jason Rohrer. Contains harsh language and potentially inflammatory statements. Please don’t click HERE if you think this might upset you.

Here’s Jason:
Dear one,

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been taken with the political theater that
comes from meme culture.  I don’t mean the
cat-stuck-in-a-goldfish-bowl-talking-gibberish kind; to hell with that.  I
agree that much Internet imagery seems designed to defeat the truism that a
picture’s worth a thousand words.  But some of it’s pretty poignant. 
I don’t know, but it seems to me that in this regard, a few folks are doing a
lot with very little.  Take the Yes Men, for example:

Warning: political content.  Opinions.  Stupidity, mostly on my
part.  Also contains links to a couple of my latest reviews.

If you dig the message, please share it.  If you’d rather be removed from
this list, please tell me so and you’ll be forever free.