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Mr. John is teaching the lighting design portion of our new Technical Insights Class. Here’s what Mr. John has to say!

SLOLT: Can you tell us what to expect during your portion of the Technical Theatre Insights class?

A hands-on interactive understanding of electricity, theater lamps, and practicals as they are used in making a lighting design for a show.

This will be accomplished using the existing SLOLT grid,fixtures, and starport computer generated cueing program. At the end of this class the student will be able to design,hang, aim, focus, and load cues for any show… with the SLOLT computer.

SLOLT: What is your philosophy on children/youth theatre training?

The experience of exposure to ART in any capacity is exquisitely vital to the growth and the expansion of the human soul, and that soul’s connection to Divine Source Energy.

SOLT: Can you tell us one of your favorite moments of your career so far?

The lifetime achievement award from the SLOLT.

SLOLT: What advice to you have for young artists?

As ee cummings said it best i will remind them:
to be yourself in a world which is working day and night to make you like everyone else is the hardest battle to fight AND NEVER STOP FIGHTING IT!