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Mr. Zach will be teaching the choreography for the musical classes, as well as choreographing My Fair Lady at the SLO Little Theatre this season.

SLOLT: Can you tell us what can be expected in your class(es)?
A basic understanding of choreography, how to learn a routine, history of the show, and fun!

SLOLT: What is your philosophy on children/youth theatre training?
I believe that fun and showmanship wins out over technical training. Kids who enjoy themselves theatre go on to love it later in life.

SLOLT: Can you tell us one of your favorite moments of your career so far?
I was performing in the Criterion Theatre in London and I walked out the front door to find myself in the center of Picidilly Circus on Londons West End.

SLOLT: What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage?
I was dancing in South Pacific in a small theatre, not unlike SLOLT, and there was a move where I was to run up the wall and backflip off. As I hit the wall I continued into the framing of the set and found myself half off stage and half on. It was crazy.

SLOLT: What advice to you have for young thespians?
What I find most important is that performers have fun. If you aren’t enjoying what you are doing, the audience sure isn’t enjoying it either.