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Middle of the week actor worship- check out what else Dan Conner can do!

Good afternoon friends of the Little Theatre,
It’s that time of the week again- let’s take a closer look at an artist who has made an entire career of  playing nice guys. (Some of them end up chopping people’s heads off, but, they sure are sweet before that.) Rosanne’s better half himself: John Goodman.
Click HERE to check out this swanky Foot Locker commercial Goodman destroys in 1981.
Too shoe-centered? Click HERE to check out Goodman’s original audition for Rosanne.
Not sentimental enough for you? Click HERE to see Goodman talk about his experience on Rosanne and see some great clips for the classic show.
To television-centered for you? Click HERE to hear Goodman sing this great Roger Miller songs from the Tony Award-Winning musical Big River. (BONUS- this clip shows you exactly what you shouldn’t do when you put together a YouTube video. It’s fabulously terrible, but the song is great.)
Not a theatre fan? See some of Goodman’s greatest collaborations with the Coen brothers below:
Click HERE for The Big Lebowski. (WARNING- this clip contains the f-word over 30 times.)


Click HERE to see a screaming Goodman in Raising Arizona.
Click HERE to see Goodman as the Cyclops in O Brother, Where Art Though?
Want to go deeper? Click HERE to see James Lipton ask Goodman several questions in a reverent tone.
Have a great Wednesday, everyone!
BONUS CLIP- Click HERE to see Goodman talk to a Muppet about a triangle.