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Middle of the week actor worship: Linney alert!

Good afternoon friends of the Little Theatre,

It’s time, once again, to focus on an artist who has many, many things to teach us (although, as you can see in the clips below, she would be the first to shrug off any such accolades.) Let’s take a look a Brown/Julliard-educated actress, Laura Linney.
Linney’s breakout role (in film) was in the 2001 Sundance winner, You Can Count on Me. This unbelievably heartbreaking movie, written and directed by playwright Kenneth Lonergan (This is our Youth.) This must-see film also introduced Mark Ruffalo to cinema audiences. Check out the trailer HERE. If you haven’t seen it, DO.
Have 37 minutes to spare? Check out Linney on Inside the Actor’s Studio HERE. You might recognize Lipton from his breakout role of Zod in Superman 2.
This is not James Lipton.
Check out another great movie, The Savages, featuring Linney starring opposite Philip Seymour Hoffman. Click HERE to see the trailer.
Linney has won 3 Emmys, 2 Golden Globes, and has a theatrical resume that staggers your mind. It’s almost enough to forgive her for THIS.
Have a great Wednesday, everyone!