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Remembering Charlene

Hello friends of the Little Theatre,

Late on Sunday evening, the local theatre community learned of the unexpected loss of one of our own, Charlene Premer. The outpouring of emotions- shock, grief, complete, dumbfounded bewilderment- speak to the important place Charlene had in our lives (both in the theatre and out.)

Charlene created the props for nearly every single production at the Little Theatre since I arrived in 2008 (and was a constant presence backstage and in the lobby for many, many years before that.) In the last 6 years, she was an integral part of over 40 artistic teams, bringing her incredible ingenuity (and occasionally infuriating attention to detail) to an amazing assortment of shows. There was never a prop challenge that Charlene couldn’t meet, and perhaps the most appropriate testament to her passion and dedication to live theatre is to remember her last time at 888 Morro Street: dropping of newly finished props for Singing in the Rain before heading north for surgery. Dedicated, prepared, and a perfectionist until the end.
We at the Little Theatre have lost not only one of our most amazing volunteers, but one of our very good friends; a person whose off-kilter sense of humor (and perspective on life) brought joy to everyone lucky enough to spend time around her. Our thoughts go out to Charlene’s family and friends during this difficult time.
 “If you keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs, 
be that much taller.”
Safe home, Charlene. And TenQ.