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A revolutionary, an artist, a hunchback, and that dude who kills the six-fingered man: Mandy Patinkin is ridiculous.

Happy Wednesday friends of the Little Theatre,

Short but sweet middle-of-the-week-actor-worship today- the work speaks for itself.
Check out what Mandy Patinkin can do:
Click HERE to see him destroy Somewhere over the Rainbow on an early 1980’s David Letterman show.
Click HERE to see him in Sunday in the Park with George, directed by James Lapine. (He enters the song at about 3 minutes, but the thing is well worth watching.)
Click HERE to watch the performance of The Secret Garden from the 1991 Tony Awards. Look closely at the actor playing Dicken (he sings Wick.) Does he looks familiar? He’s a bit hard to recognize without THIS WIG.
Last, Mr. Patinkin, thank you for THIS.
Have a great day, everyone,