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The 20th Century Begins Now… PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE!

Photo by Ryan Loyd, Rylo Media Design

It’s finally here! Opening Night for PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE is tomorrow night — Friday, October 10th. I had the chance to see a rehearsal on Monday night and I can hardly wait to see this show. Written by the always wonderful Steve Martin, the story goes something like this:

Picasso and Einstein walk into a Paris bar. It’s 1904. 
Much laughter follows.

There are only 14 performances over 3 weekends of this delightful show, so I’d recommend getting your tickets very, very SOON. You can do that by clicking HERE.

Now, I’m going to turn the rest of the BLOG over to photos today, because as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks to Ryan Loyd of Rylo Media Design for these great shots!

Einstein (Cameron Rose) gets an idea…
The lovely Suzanne (Alicia Klein)
Freddy (Bobby Kendrick) the owner and bartender of the Lapin Agile
Picasso (Toby Tropper) meets Einstein.
Sagot (Larry Kaml) an art dealer
A duel…?
Gaston (Tom Ammon)
Germaine, waitress and Freddy’s girlfriend (Megan C.C. Walker)
The whole hilarious cast (including a mysterious visitor…)

Hope to see you at PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE – it’s going to be a blast!

~ Patty