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THE BEST MAN is off and running, exactly HOW OLD is RICH LITTLE now, and a BRAVE CAT makes all reasonable people proud. This week at the Little Theatre!

Good morning friends of the Little Theatre,

The Best Man enjoyed a very successful opening weekend.  Congratulations to the cast, crew, and director of this classic play- thank you for your incredible work over the last several months. A well-deserved standing ovation on opening night! Get your ticket for the production by clicking HERE. To hear Gore Vidal talk about The Best Man (and politics in general), click HERE (about 30 minutes, but worth it.)

It’s a Wonderful Life has finished up music rehearsals and begins blocking tonight in the theatre. The Little Theatre’s version of this holiday classic is directed by Lisa Woske- it opens at the end of November and tickets are already selling fast. Get your by clicking HERE. Check out this GREAT CLIP of RICH LITTLE roasting the star of the movie, JIMMY STEWART.

Auditions for our Academy of Creative Theatre production of Honk JR! began last Sunday. The LIttle Theatre is so proud to be producing this wonderfully fun musical. Check out a great song from it HERE. You can find out more about the production/auditions by clicking HERE.
Every week I will publish the
newest members of the Little Theatre. Our organization depends on the
generosity of these individuals/businesses to survive. If you know anyone
on the list below, please be sure to let them know that you appreciate what
they are doing for our theatre. A little thanks goes a long way!
Genevieve D. Peters        $1,000.00
Jeanne Potter                  $50.00
Lastly, in honor of Felix Baumgartner, the incredibly brave maniac who, yesterday afternoon,  stepped off the front step of a perfectly good Airstream capsule 24 miles above the earth, enjoy THIS.
Have a great week, everyone!