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TIME STANDS STILL is gone, THE BEST MAN is in the home stretch, and auditions are coming up for PHOTOGRAPH 51! Only at the Little Theatre!


Good morning friends of the Little Theatre
Thank you to Jill Turnbow and
the cast/crew of Time Stand Still. We had a great run last weekend!
The Best Man is in the home stretch. Dave is putting up the flag
wall and finishing up the major set pieces this week. Opening night is already
completely sold out! To get your tickets to this fantastic drama directed by
Brent Keast, click HERE. For a
behind-the-scenes look at the recent, award-winning Broadway revival, click HERE.
It’s A Wonderful Life begins music rehearsals this Wednesday. Larry Kaml
has been contracted as musical director for the production. Blocking rehearsals
begin in earnest after the opening of The Best Man. To get your tickets
click HERE. To check out a short
video review of the original film, check THIS out.
AUDITIONS for Photograph
, a staged reading directed by Michael Siebrass will take place this
THURSDAY at 6:30 at the Little Theatre. The production will run for two nights
only: November 9 and 10 at 7:00 PM. To see the complete audition details,
please click HERE.
The Board of Directors will
hold its annual retreat this Saturday. Thank you to Ron Burkhart for hosting
this meeting!
Every week I will publish the
newest members of the Little Theatre. Our organization depends on the
generosity of these individuals/businesses to survive. If you know anyone
on the list below, please be sure to let them know that you appreciate what
they are doing for our theatre. A little thanks goes a long way!
John Battalino
Laurie Elliott
Bryce & Kate Engstrom, Bryce Engstrom Architect
Jane Bowerman & David Gillette
Bethany & Don Griffiths
Bob Peterson
Ralph Slocum
Amy Toyama
I am attaching the master
calendar for this week (and NEXT!) at the Little Theatre. We will soon have 5
different productions in various stages of rehearsal using the theatre
building, so please be respectful of space, volume, and prop storage. We have started
finding trash in the theatre, green room, and rehearsal room in the morning.
Please dispose of any trash before you leave the space. We have ACT
classes here nearly every afternoon, and it’s difficult to stay ahead of the
trash curve if when people leave it in the various rooms. Thank you! Please
look the calendars over carefully and let me know if anything needs to be
changed by this Wednesday (tomorrow) at noon. Thank you!
THE BEST MAN: Friday, 12:00-12:45 PM
David, Brent, John B. Sharon, Charlene, and any other member of the production
team who would like to attend.
AGENDA: Lights finish, cuing  sound finish, tech weekend, costumes, props, backstage protocol, prop
upkeep during run, comps, opening night, scenic finish.
IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: No formal production meeting this week. LISA, I will
be in touch to schedule a sit-down to look at the script, map out blocking
areas, determine basic floorplan.
PHOTOGRAPH 51: No formal production meeting this week. MICHAEL, I
will be in touch after auditions. Please let me know of any special audition
requirements you have for Thursday and I’ll make sure they are there for you.
HONK, JR!: No formal production meeting this week. KERRY and
SHELAGH, please let me know if there’s any preliminary needs you have prior to
WATERGATE!: No formal production meeting this week. VIENNA, I will
send you preliminary outline notes this week. TOSH, I’ll have a preliminary
song list to you by the end of the week.
Thank you, again, for
everything you do to make this theatre work. As always, please let me know if
there’s anything that the Board/staff can do to make your time with the Little
Theatre more enjoyable and rewarding.
Have a great week, everyone,