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Time to get all artsy…and watch some big, big explosions!

Good afternoon, friends of the Little Theatre-

On Monday, I posted a short clip of Richard Foreman’s recent play with the Ontological-Hysterical Theater (which he founded about four decades ago.) The response to the clip was surprising- it proved to me that we should all take a moment now and then to get overly-artsy. Beret or no beret.You want more Foreman? Click HERE for a great, candid interview about his beginning in theatre and what exactly he thinks he’s doing. More theatre people should talk as simply and honestly as he does about his work. Click HERE to check out the Ontological-Hysterical Theater.


Foreman’s work a little too busy for you? Click HERE to check out a clip from Einstein on the Beach, the 1984 collaboration between director Robert Wilson and composer Philip Glass. Can’t tell you why, but even after listening part of the opera for nearly 20 years, I’m still filled with deep sadness every time it plays. Perhaps I will watch THIS tonight to cheer up.


Want to see when what happens when a visionary is given a black box theatre and several million dollars? Click HERE to see what’s going on in Robert LePage’s head. Clearly, he’s awesome.

Have you seen the stage version of The Lion King yet? If not….I understand. It’s only been around for about 15 years. Click HERE to check out what director Julie Taymor can do when she’s not screwing around with unbelievably beautiful animal puppets. Click HERE to see what she can do with 75 million dollars. I really don’t care what anyone else says. I think it looks awesome.

Lastly, I leave you with the artist who has, arguably, the most significant impact on the way we see the world in the last decade. I halfway wish I was joking. Click HERE to go BOOM! And BOOM! And BOOOOOM!


Have a great Thursday, everyone!