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The TONY Awards are coming, which can mean only ONE thing: let’s have a JUDAS-OFF!

The Tony Awards are this Sunday, and I would like to pay homage to musical that got me into theatre back in “the day.” (The day was sometime in August, 1986. It was a warm day.) I stumbled upon this in a thrift store:

The original concept double album of Jesus Christ Superstar featuring Ian Gillian (DEEP PURPLE) as Jesus and Murray Head (RASPY ROCK) as Judas. I had never heard anything like it- Judas’s first song Heaven on Their Minds was a guitar-heavy, riff-driven rock anthem which Murray Head destroys with his heartfelt, brutal tenor.

Is there a better Judas out there? Time for a Iscariot-off!

HERE is the Murray Head version from 1970.

HERE is Roger Daltry taking a stab at it in 1976.

HERE is Carl Anderson as Judas in Norman Jewison’s 1973 film adaptation.

HERE is Ben Vereen throwing his hat into the traitor-ring.

HERE is Jerome Praden. I dare to to make it to the end of this one. Ugh. Tanktops.

HERE is Jack Black covering the song at a club appearance in 1998.

The winner? Duh.

Murray Head is bored by this contest.
Of COURSE Murray Head wins. If ONLY because THIS exists.
Lastly, check out Mr. Show’s take on Susperstar in this 1997 episode of MR. SHOW. Click HERE.
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!