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Volunteer Spotlight – August 2018

Drew Vander Weele starred as Ralphie in our first production of A Christmas Story in 2014

Our Volunteers Come In All Ages!

Our volunteers are what keep SLO REP running smoothly. From painting sets to setting up the coffee bar, stuffing envelopes to organizing costumes, the incredible volunteers who give their time to our theatre mean the world to us.

Each  month on the BLOG, we feature an interview with one of our volunteers. There are dedicated volunteers who have been with us for more than 20 years and some who have given of their time for less than two months, all are deeply appreciated and deserve a moment in the spotlight.

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight features young and energetic SLO High student, Drew Vander Weele. You may have seen Drew onstage in several ACT and Mainstage productions and certainly in the lobby over the last year or so. His heart-warming hugs and welcoming smile are hard to miss!

Drew also appeared in this summer’s ACT production of Mary Poppins, Jr.

Lacey McNamara nabbed Drew between rehearsals and volunteer shifts to pick his brain:

LM: What volunteer jobs have you had here at the Theatre?

DVW:  Oh gosh, everything! I’ve been an actor, worked the front door, been a part of the cleaning crew, sold things at the refreshment bar and staffed the concessions area, and I also ran spotlight for shows.

A young actor starting his career!

LM:  How long have you been volunteering here?

DVW: I’ve been acting for quite a while but volunteering in the lobby for 2 years I think.

LM: What got you started in volunteering?

DVW: I was an actor in the shows and saw how much fun the volunteers were having! I wanted to be a part of it. And it also gave me a chance to see my friends who were performing in the shows. It’s really fun getting to hang out with the casts!

…and also an amazing volunteer!

LM: What is your favorite part about volunteering?

DVW: You get to meet so many different people, both actors and patrons. I’ve made so many friends!

LM: Do you volunteer at any other non-profit organizations?

DVW: Not yet! But I hope to soon.

LM: Do you have any words of wisdom or a bit of advice for someone thinking about volunteering at SLO Rep or tips for someone who is coming in to volunteer for the first time?

DVW: Always try to greet the patrons as best as you can! You get a lot back from them if you do that. Be attentive and help with all the little things – it really makes you feel better about the job you do!

It’s a family affair! Drew (right) volunteering with his dad, Robert (left), and younger brother, Kyan (center).

For more information about joining our volunteer crew, backstage or in the lobby, please visit our volunteer page, where you can find out more and sign up!