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Volunteer Spotlight – July 2018

Meet Our Volunteers!

Greg Peters – Set builder extraordinaire!

Our volunteers are what keep our Theatre running smoothly. From painting sets to setting up the coffee bar, from stuffing envelopes to organizing costumes, the volunteers that give their time to the Theatre mean the world to us.

Each  month, we will feature a volunteer that helps us out. Some volunteers have been with us for 20 years while others have been with us for 2 months, but all deserve a moment in the spotlight. Our first volunteer spotlight shines on  behind-the-scenes volunteer, Greg Peters.

Our volunteer director, Lacey McNamara, sat down with Greg and asked him a few questions about his experience here:

LM: What volunteer jobs have you had here at the Theatre?

GP:  I build and tear down sets, work out in the costume shop organizing and sorting costumes, and I sat on the Feasibility Study Committee. And once upon a time I ran lights and sound for shows.

LM:  How long have you been volunteering here?

GP: I would have to say about 15 years, but really full-time since I retired around 2015.

LM: What got you started in volunteering?

GP: My kids, Ali and Taylor, were in A.C.T. shows and my wife, Zandi, got involved a lot with costuming and acting. It was just a nice way for the family to do something together. At one point, Zandi and I even shared the tech booth running lights and sound.

LM: What is your favorite part about volunteering?

GP: I really enjoy spending time with the group that builds the sets. We really have a great crew here. It’s also a fun learning experience. I learn something new from Dave [Linfield] every time I come in.

LM: Do you volunteer at any other non-profit organizations?

GP: I volunteer for the California Society of CPAs and I also do the accounting for El Morro Church of the Nazarene. I was the Treasurer at the Foundation for the Performing Arts and I volunteered for years as the PTA Treasurer while my kids were in school.

LM: Do you have any words of wisdom or a bit of advice for someone thinking about volunteering at SLO Rep or tips for someone who is coming in to volunteer for the first time?

GP: This theatre has been a great part of our lives as a family. It’s really become more like an extended family with the friendships we’ve built here. Look at coming to the Theatre as a way to build relationships, not just as a volunteer duty.

Greg was the recipient of the John Grostick Rising Star Award in 2016

Greg at work in the costume shop