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Volunteer Spotlight – September 2019

Each month on the BLOG, we feature an interview with one of our incredible volunteers. We have dedicated volunteers who have been with us for more than 20 years and some who have given of their time for less than two months. All are deeply appreciated and deserve a moment in the spotlight!

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight features a volunteer who has done a little bit of everything here at SLO REP: Vicky Connerley!


Vicky Connerley (left) with fellow GREATER TUNA dresser, Christine Miller (right)


Volunteer Director, Tasia Trevino-Hill, asked Vicky a few questions about volunteering at SLO REP.

TTH: Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do when you’re not volunteering? What are your hobbies?  

Vicky: I have an excellent job here in SLO and live only a mile from it.  I am very proud of my son who is finishing at Cuesta College and preparing to transfer to a four-year university.  My hobbies include acting, hiking, camping, music, movies, and dance.  I recently started violin lessons again.  Finally, I am going through a major life-changing event and looking forward to new opportunities and a bright future.

TTH: How long have you been a volunteer at SLO REP? 
Vicky: About 2 years.

Vicky (left) and Christina (right)

TTH: What duties have you done while volunteering? 
Vicky: I’ve worked Front Door, bartender, striking sets, and most recently had the good fortune to be a dresser for Greater Tuna. *
*TTH’s note: GREATER TUNA had over 40 costume changes!

TTH: What (or who) got you started volunteering at SLO REP? 
Vicky: I started volunteering at SLO REP because I wanted to return to those things that make me feel happy and fulfilled.
TTH: What is your favorite part about volunteering here? 
Vicky: I enjoy chatting with the patrons and getting to know the other volunteers.  I appreciate both the professionalism and relaxed good humor of SLO REP.
TTH: Do you volunteer (or have you volunteered recently) at any other nonprofits?  
Vicky: I’ve done some work with Glean SLO and I love their mission, but because they do most of the gleaning during the work day, it’s hard for me to get there.

TTH: Do you have any words of advice for new volunteers or someone thinking a about volunteering? 
Vicky: Just do it – you’ll be happy you did.