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Warm weather makes me think of Christmas…

What a beautiful Tuesday. The theatre is full of volunteers helping Dave Linfield, our TD, putting the finishing touches of the set for Dinner with Friends. (The design is magical.)

The preliminary budget for our 2012-2013 season is finished (just the first run at it—several versions to follow.
And we’re ready to jump into the third dress rehearsal tonight. During times like this, I like to take a step back and remember what was happening in the space just a few shorts months ago. The Little Theatre produces about 14 productions a year, each with their own artistic team, cast, crew, and process. On this warm, Spring day, let’s remember our Holiday production, A Christmas Story, directed by Chrys Barnes.
(All photos courtesy of Wade Tillotson and Redzuan Adbul Rahim.)


Speaking of A Christmas Story and magical sets…remember when THIS was Peter Billingsley’s day job?
Happy Tuesday, everyone,