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WATERGATE is off and running, ENCHANTED APRIL has a fabulous cast, and the SOUND OF MUSIC is coming!

Good afternoon friends of the Little Theatre,

After nearly a year of development, Watergate (and Other Solid Golds Hits!) has been opened to the public! Opening weekend was fantastic, and audience response was extremely positive. You will not want to miss this original music featuring over three dozen of the greatest hits from the 1970’s. Get your tickets by clicking HERE.

Don’t make Charlie Memphis angry.
You won’t like him angry.
Congratulations to the cast of Enchanted April!
Angela Hutt, Bob Peterson, Wendy Marie Martin, Cory Schonauer, David Norum, Jean Miller, Alicia Klein, and Rosh Wright.
Thanks to everyone who came out to audition! Enchanted April opens on April 12. You can get your tickets by clicking HERE.
The Sound of Music is coming. Auditions will be held in March. Audition details will be posted here, on FACEBOOK, and on the Little Theatre WEBSITE.
Thank you to everyone who has supported the Little Theatre through this blog. Less than a year ago, we recommitted ourselves to this platform and since then, we have enjoyed over 20,000 page views! Thank you for your support, everyone!
Have a great week, everyone!