Financial Assistance

It is the policy of the San Luis Obispo Repertory Theatre (SLO REP) to provide services within the limits of our resources to anyone who wishes to participate in our programs. SLO REP believes that no child should be denied the opportunity to participate in the performing arts because of a lack of ability to pay the tuition. Partial scholarships are always available to families who need financial assistance. SLO REP also believes that a strong sense of ownership and pride is developed if the student and his/her family contribute to the cost of his/her involvement in the program, therefore all applicants will be asked to pay a portion of the fees involved.

ACT Financial Assistance Application

Scholarships Policy and Procedures

To ensure fairness to all families, the following policies have been developed for granting scholarships. 

  1. Each family will complete one scholarship application each year, due at least two weeks before the beginning of the first program in which the child will be participating. These applications are kept in the strictest confidence.
  2. This scholarship application will be kept on file and referred to, upon request, for multiple program participation within one year.
  3. The Education Director will review all applications and, in consultation with the Managing Artistic Director, a scholarship amount will be determined based on individual needs.
  4. Scholarships can be awarded at 25% 50%, 75% or even 100% of the remaining balance of the program tuition.
  5. Scholarships will be awarded for additional program participation based on an evaluation by the student’s teacher, and demonstration of continued need. Students will be evaluated on attendance, evidence of individual effort and progress, and attitude. If a student exhibits lack of preparation, interest, or motivation, the scholarship may be reconsidered after discussion with the student and their family.
  6. Families receiving scholarships are expected to be available for at least one volunteer activity during the year.
  7. At the discretion of the Managing Artistic Director and/or the Education Director, in-kind services may also be considered to fulfill tuition requirements in lieu of formal scholarship consideration.
  8. Monthly or quarterly payment plans are available by request.

2018-2019 Tuition Amounts

After-School Classes $140–$200
Summer Camps $175-$350
Production Classes $400

More detailed information is included in the Financial Assistance Application. Please click the link below.

ACT Financial Assistance Application

Scholarship Funding

Scholarships for ACT programs have been underwritten through generous grants provided by:

Janssen Youth & Youth Sports Fund

Additional funds are provided by generous donors to SLO REP and by ticket sales generated by the ACT Staged Readings program.

Contact ACT

Feel free to contact ACT with any additional questions.

Kerry DiMaggio, Education Director
(805) 781-3889 ext. 14 


ACT Financial Assistance Application