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A CHORUS LINE…then and now.

1995 and 2004 Casts of A Chorus Line
As we look forward to opening night of A CHORUS LINE on Friday, I thought I’d give you another photo blog, courtesy of our incredible photographer, Jamie Foster! However, there’s a bit of twist this time. You see, almost 20 years ago, in our second season here in the City Playhouse, there was another production of A Chorus Line staged featuring several still familiar faces. I’ll be scattering a few of those “Throw-back Thursday” photos throughout this blog post – just for fun!
Oh, and one more thing…yes, we are sold-out or nearly sold-out for most every performance!  However, there are still great seats, located on the side seating areas of our thrust stage, available throughout the run of the show. Director Zach Johnson’s staging has wonderful sight lines and trust me, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the show from the sides, so don’t be afraid to book those seats when that’s all that’s left! Besides, they’re discounted, so you’ll save money!

Okay, enough talk. Enjoy the photos (both old and new!) 
and stay cool on this hot Central Coast day! 

Hello 12, Hello 13 – Photo by Jamie Foster Photography
Kevin Harris as Zach with the cast in the 1995 production
Kelly Fidopiastis – Music and the Mirror
1995 Cast in rehearsal

Gregg Wolff as Zach talks to the 2014 Cast
Kevin Harris as Zach 

2014 One Singular Sensation!
The 2014 Cast of A Chorus Line!

 That’s it for today, folks. Much to do to get ready for opening night, so I’ve got to get moving! Get your tickets for this incredible show while there are still seats left!  Click HERE or give us a call at 786-2440 TODAY!

I’ll see YOU at the show!