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AUDITIONS for Spinning into Butter!

AUDITION ANNOUNCEMENT:Spinning into Butter, by Rebecca Gilman Directed by Lisa Woske WHEN: March 9 and 10 from 6:00-9:00 PM WHERE: San Luis Obispo Little Theatre PREPARE: Actors will be participating in cold readings from the script. Short monologues are welcome, but not required. All roles are open. Performances are May 20-June 12, 2011. Synopsis: Set on a small college campus in Vermont, Spinning Into Butter explores the dangers of both racism and political correctness in America today. When one of the few African American students at liberal Belmont College begins receiving hate mail, the campus erupts, first with shock, then with mutual recrimination as faculty and students alike try to prove their own tolerance by condemning one another. As the administration sponsors public “race forums” and the students start their activist groups, Sarah Daniels, the Dean of Students, is forced to explore her own feelings of racism. Her self-examination leads to some surprising discoveries and painful insights, the consequences of which even she can’t predict. Characters: Sarah Daniels: 35-40, dean of students Ross Collins: 35-40, Art History professor Dean Catherine Kenney: 60 Dean Burton Strauss: 55, chair of Humanities Mr. Meyers: 50, a security guard Patrick Chibas: 19, a self-assured young man Greg Sullivan: 21, a senior Ages are negotiable. A perusal script is available at the reference desk of the San Luis Obispo County Library. Any questions? Contact Lisa Woske, director, at [email protected]