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One cast member in our Fall production of Maltby & Shire’s musical, “Baby,” took her role to heart and is now expecting!!

Debi has offered to let SLOLT tag along during the pregnancy. She’ll be checking in with us to report how things are going and share ultrasound pictures, too! Here’s the first in our 9 month series of interviews with Debi.

Congrats to the parents-to-be! 🙂

SLOLT: Debit, can you tell us what role you played in Baby?
I recently played the leading role of Lizzie in “Baby.” The show followed her character through a full term of pregnancy, complete with the birth at the end of the show!

SLOLT: What made you want to audition for the show?
I was in the ensemble of “Baby” when I was a sophomore at Cal State Fullerton working on my Musical Theater degree. I was too “young” to play the role then, but the show struck something in me and has always been dear to my heart. I just love the relationships and the music. I’ve wanted to play Lizzie ever since then, so I was thrilled when the opportunity arose.

SLOLT: We’ve heard a rumor that you actually became pregnant during the run of the show, is that true? Was it planned?
I DID get pregnant during the show. I’d like to think it was all of the baby mojo and lovely ladies in the cast who would rub my “belly” and pray for a true blessing to come to us. Now I can technically say that the baby has already been on stage. Ha! This baby was VERY planned! My husband and I have been married for 5 years, had great travels together, and reached the point in our lives where we really wanted to have a baby. I guess we just had to wait so we could have a fun story to tell about conceiving during “Baby!” I am thrilled to have the support of so many great theater colleagues and patrons too!

SLOLT: When is your due date? Do you know the sex yet?
My due date is July 24. We find out on March 6 what we are having. We can’t wait!!!

SLOLT: How are you feeling right now? Any fun morning sickness/cravings yet?
I am feeling great now! I had a rough first trimester, with quite a bit of morning sickness, but it was manageable. I know many women have had it far worse than I did. I am happy to be part of the statistics that enter the 2nd trimester and feel like a champ! I haven’t had any cravings yet, but I am eating my share of pickles…but no ice cream with them! 🙂

Feel free to leave your comments/congratulations for Debbie and stay tuned to see how this theatre baby develops!