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Costumes, costumes, costumes!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving and the busy holiday season, we’d like to take a minute here on the SLO REP blog for gratitude.  We’re so very grateful for all the volunteers and theatre lovers who made our recent Costume Sale such a huge success. We cleared out our costume storage and provided cool costumes for LOTS of folks. Win-Win!  It’s been a few weeks since the sale but it’s never too late to say thank you.

The delightful Suzy Newman (with her trusty sidekick Anton the Dog) created a video from the sale day and you can enjoy the memories with us via YouTube HERE. 

An extra special shout out and huge thanks to Dave Linfield, Greg and Zandi Peters and Randon Poole who did an absolutely phenomenal job sorting through our two warehouses and setting up our rehearsal room and lobby in preparation for the pre-Halloween sale.

All of these costumes were acquired from Costume Capers in 2015. Among the many, many incredible, vintage, stage-worthy costumes we purchased, there were a few that we knew we’d never use and they were taking up a LOT of room in the warehouses. They just had to go. In just a few hours, we made hundreds of sales (most items were $1-$10), made so many people excited and happy, and netted over $5,000. The costumes we didn’t sell were given to Cuesta College for their sale the following Monday. (They made almost $1,500 for their Theatre Department!)

Thanks all.  You’re awesome. And now, onward to A CHRISTMAS STORY and the festive, frantic holiday season!