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Early Bird Opening Weekend Discount for “My First Time!”

In 1996, a website was created called Over 40,000 people logged on and anonymously told their stories. And now, for the First Time, those stories will be told, live, right here on the Little Theatre stage. Directed by the always amazing Jill Turnbow, four awesome actors will share dozens of hilarious, true-life “My First Time” stories, and YOU need to be here to experience the laughter, the recognition, the heartbreak and the embarrassment of it all!

My_First_Time_PosterMy First Time is a show that just cries out to be seen with someone you love…or maybe someone you want to love? And we’re going to help you do it! (See the show, that is.) This Friday and Saturday night only, we’re offering a special friends and family 2-for-1 discount for all of our friends and family on social media. If you’re reading this, that means YOU!

On January 22 and 23 at 9:30 pm, you and your honey (or your best pal…or a casual acquaintance…or maybe the guy you met on the bus?) can enjoy a great late-night comedy for just $10 each. Come on, you can’t even see a movie for that, can you?

Help us build the buzz on this fabulous late-night, not-ready-for-primetime comedy by filling the house on our opening weekend and then telling all your friends! To take advantage of this special discount, all you’ve got to do is enter the promo code sex (that’s right, sex!) when you order your tickets online. Enter that little magic word and in an instant, $20 tickets will become $10 tickets and you’ll know you’ve scored a great night, and a cheap date, in downtown SLO.


Come on…if you’ve never been to an After Hours comedy, why not make this your First Time? The lobby and the bar open at 9 pm. Grab a glass of wine or a beer and just relax, you can bring your beverage into the theatre with you. The show starts at 9:30 pm and runs for just about an hour.  One note: this one’s for adults, okay?  See it with someone over-18. 🙂

I had a first time, didn’t you? Who knows? Maybe one of these stories is yours! Get your $10 tickets HERE (promo code: sex) while they last and I hope to see you  next weekend for My First Time!

P.S. Fabulous photos by Jamie Foster Photography really help tell the story, don’t they? Thanks Jamie!