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Film Opportunity

Hi everyone! Our “Lend Me a Tenor” director, Gailee Walker, has an opportunity that might interest some of you. Take a look below.


Hi Ya’ll,

We are producing a DVD for a client and would like to film a section of the project in front of an audience. It’s an incredible DVD. An incredible subject. Everyone would receive a DVD for participation.

We’ll be filming the project in a hotel conference room – most likely in Atascadero on a day – most probably in January.

All participants would need to sign non-compete and non-disclosure forms. You’re welcome to bring family and friends (who would also need to sign these forms).

We can’t discuss the topic until the day of filming, but each of you would benefit greatly from the subject. You’re also able to ask questions during the filming, thereby be in the DVD.

Please let me know if you’re interested in participating without knowing any more than this. If you have friends who might be interested, you can forward this e-mail to them.