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DINNER WITH FRIENDS, Roberson’s anniversary, and why we should all stop whining. This week at the Little Theatre!

Good morning friends of the Little Theatre,
Dinner with Friends had a wonderful opening weekend-
the incredibly talented cast and crew rocked it. We’re all looking forward to a
very successful run. Look for Joan Crowder’s review in this Thursday’s ticket.
If you missed Anna Weltner’s great article in last week’s NEW TIMES, check it
out HERE. Dinner
with Friends
also mark an important anniversary for one of our favorite
Little Theatre volunteers: Michelle Roberson worked on her first show (M.
) 4 years ago. Since then, she has become one of our most trusted
technicians, stage managers, and Little Theatre volunteer. Congratulations,
Michelle, and everyone on a fantastic opening!
Michelle Roberson and Pam Hester
in their natural environment.
Auditions for BOOM! take place tonight (Monday, April 16th)
at 6:00 PM. Click HERE for more
Rehearsals for The House of Blue Leaves begin tonight!
Welcome to Jill Turnbow and her great cast. House of Blue Leaves opens
on May 25 and plays through June 17. For tickets or more information, click HERE.
Theatre organization/clean-up day is coming up next Saturday, April 21st. Interested in helping out? Click HERE to find out what we’re planning!


NO SHAME is coming up on April 27. If you haven’t found NO SHAME CENTRAL COAST on Facebook, click HERE. If you’d like to find out more about the NO SHAME movement and its history, click HERE.
Lastly, here are two great articles by Jason Rohrer and Dylan
Southard about why theatre is important and why we should stop whining so much.
They are both correct. And they both have cooler last names than most of
us. Click HERE for Dylan’s article and HERE for Jason’s.
Have a great Monday, everyone!