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Halloween Hilarity, The Alexander Technique, and Cabaret Auditions!

halloween_pumpkinWhatcha doin’ on Halloween? I got a great idea. Why don’t ya’ll come down to the the-a-ter for some classic comedy? Looky, I’ll tell ye all about it…

Ye see, first, ye got yer British army demolitions expert, and then ye got yer Foreigner — at least we think he’s a Foreigner. Then ye got a nice old lady who runs a fishing lodge on a lake in Georgia, a dim-witted little brother and his ex-debutante big sister, a handsome young preacher…and then there’s Owen. I’ll let ye jest wait and see ’bout Owen. Anyways, if ye put all them folks together into a side-splittin’ comedy by Larry Shue, then mix well under the direction of Suzy Newman? Well then, ye really got somethin’ absolutely hi-lar-i-ous!!

So, next weekend we gonna have trick ‘er treats at the bar, so’s ye can grab a handful with your beer or wine, then set right down and enjoy the show. Dudn’t that sound better than settin’ at home answerin’ the doorbell and givin’ out candy? Thought so. The Foreigner runs October 30-November 15, so’s even if’n ye cain’t make it for Halloween, ye still got plenty of time to catch the show. We’ll leave the light on for ye. Ye kin get yer tickets right here, but don’t wait too long though, ye hear? They’s goin’ fast.

Tony TaylorThe Alexander Technique
with Tony Taylor

Saturday, November 7, 2015
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
$15 per person

What is The Alexander Technique, you may ask? Well, among other things, it’s the first in a new series of adult education classes offered at the Little Theatre!

The Alexander Technique is a well-established method of psycho-physical re-education used by actors to improve the quality of their performance. During this interactive workshop, teacher and author Tony Taylor will show you how to eliminate unnecessary holding patterns in your body so that you can:

  • Dramatically improve the quality of your movement and voice
  • Experience greater flexibility, ease and poise
  • Increase the range of physical choices available to you
  • Eradicate unwanted habitual gestures and physical ‘tics’
  • Maintain high health and energy levels
  • Become more emotionally present and connected

Learn more about the class HERE, then REGISTER ONLINE for a fun, informative and interactive workshop, suitable for actors and performers of all levels and all kinds. Simply come prepared to learn something new and have fun!


Need I say more? Get out your dancing shoes and warm-up your singing pipes. This is your chance to shine in the Little Theatre’s biggest show of the year! Get all the details about auditions right HERE.

Life IS a Cabaret, old friend….