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Honoring our Volunteers

It’s nearly the end of April and National Volunteer Month.  We almost missed our chance, but it’s never too late to honor those who give so much of their hearts and their precious time in support of SLO REP. How do we love thee, our amazing volunteers? Let us count the ways…

Janet Elder Nichols

Hospitality – Though the theatre is dark right now, we have not forgotten everything you do to keep our audiences happy when we are in full swing. Whether you’re making coffee, serving wine, making martinis, pushing cookies or tee shirts, you are awesome ambassadors and terrific at welcoming our patrons to the theatre.

Costumes – When our costume designers need help with those last few fixes, ironing a shirt or two, stitching on a few snaps, putting in a zipper, adding some velcro for a quick change, or making repairs during the run of a show, our volunteers are always there for for us. Thank you.  This is also a good opportunity for a shout-out and thank you to costumers Randon Pool, Zandi Peters and  many others for using their skills to provide masks for medical workers and others who need them. All those who can stitch and sew are heroes right now, and we are so grateful to know these talented women and to thank them for generously using their skills to provide masks for the world.

Set crew for Oliver!, Pam Hester, Lisa Langere, Dave Linfield and Greg Peters, Kevin Harris with Rosh Wright and Janice Peters.

Set Construction, Painting & Backstage Crew – Dave Linfield is a magician, designing and creating the sets for all of our shows. Sometimes it’s an  upscale living room in a Connecticut suburb (Deathtrap), sometimes it’s multiple locations in turn of the 20th Century New York (Hello, Dolly!), sometimes it’s nowhere in particular, yet everywhere at once (The Fantasticks), but whatever it is, our crack team of set construction and painting volunteers make the magic happen

Greg Peters – Set-Builder Extraordaniare

Office Volunteers – If your season tickets were mailed to you last year, on time and intact, you have an office volunteer to thank for that. Our administrative and box office staff work hard to provide the best experience for our patrons. From the moment you buy your tickets to the day you show up for the show, we do our best to ensure your experience is a good one. But there are couple of times per year when we need a little help. That’s when our office volunteers step up and spend a few hours stuffing, stamping, sealing, filing and generally getting the job done.

Board of Directors and Committee Members – This is the top of the heap. Our board and committee members are the best. Providing guidance and support on the tough stuff like governance, finance, and best administrative practices, and taking the heat when things get tough — like now. Giving of their time, their treasure (all board members make significant donations to SLO REP) and their talents, board members and key committee members are our very best advocates, fundraisers and critical sources of strength and inspiration. Thank you to all of our past and present board and committee members for everything you do. You are the best.

SLO REP Board: Ellie Washington, Jerry Chirpich, Dianne Long, Debbie Stewart, Jeff Olds, Richard Luckett, Michael Simkins, Wilda Rosene, Marcia Scott, Keith George, Susan Minker, Chip Visci (not pictured Diane Clausen, Pam Nichter)

Ron Burkhart ♥

Throughout the years, thousands upon thousands of volunteers have kept this organization going strong. There have been ups, there have been downs, but somehow, through the dedication and perseverance of these volunteers, this organization has stayed afloat and thrived, presenting live theatre for our community. We could never name all those who have given of their time, nor can we ever thank them enough. Every year we host a gathering here at the theatre, wherein we present the annual Volunteer Awards. Named for very special people in our history, these awards are presented by the Board of Directors to acknowledge those folks who truly go above and beyond the call of duty to make live theatre possible in San Luis Obispo. Please click HERE to view a list of all of our honorees throughout the years.

Volunteer Awards 2018: Lacey McNamara, Ken Woodruff, Billy Breed (for Ann Robinson), Tom & Linda Stuermer, Marcia Scott, Kevin Harris

Happy Volunteer Month to ALL of our wonderful volunteers. We miss you and we love you and we hope to see you soon!